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Do you work as a mobile application developer who develops a variety of applications for the end-user? If so, you need to give your customers the best possible digital experience that is sure to please users. It is possible to ask which kind of user experience you talking about? It’s all about watching videos and audio-listening experience that are top-quality. Even though your current application may not have any of these files, the application you’ll create in the next month might. As an example, you may have to add videos if you are developing applications for live streaming news or sports. In addition the business apps you develop may also include intro videos, explainer videos, live communications videos, and other videos that will keep your customers aware of your service, product, or business. The question is what can you do to ensure that your users get the best multimedia experience with your videos and audios. This is the place where “MOS Score” comes in. The obvious question you could be asking now is: What is MOS Score is it not?

We’ll paint an overall image that reflects the MOS scores in the following section of this article:

What’s the MOS Score?

Before you can understand “what the MOS Score is?” it is important to get your head around the “full version” for MOS. What exactly does MOS means? MOS is the abbreviation that stands for “Mean Opinion Score.” The MOS score can be interpreted as a measurement of the level of quality an video or audio content gives.

While MOS scores were calculated from survey of experts in the beginning however, nowadays the MOS score is created using sophisticated AI engines website. Artificial Intelligence technology continually analyzes”the “video median opinions score” of the videos of apps in an “performance sessions test” and produces a simple and understandable outcome. Now, you’re aware the answer to “what do you mean by MOS Score?”

Be aware that when calculating the MOS score of a video there are a variety of videos that have blocking features, or not having it at all.

Perhaps you’d like to know what the term “blocking feature” is? Let’s look at:

What is the Blocking feature?

Blocking features can be seen in many media files such as videos or images when the images do not cope with the volume of data that is that is thrown at them at the specified bit rate. Because of this, blocks appear in video or images, eventually making viewing unpleasant.

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Do you have a several examples of blocking features in your videos?

If you’re familiar with mobile phones and watching YouTube videos regularly we are able to provide one of the most effective examples to comprehend the blocking feature of videos.

If you’ve accessed the YouTube application on your smartphone to learn “how to conduct mobile testing for apps.” In this case you’ll find many videos that answer the search query you entered into the box for search. If you view the video in 144p resolution you’ll get a completely different experience. When you watch similar videos in 1080p or 720p resolution, you’ll get an experience that is different from the others. In the shortest way, a video with high resolution will contain fewer or no blocks. On the other hand, videos with low resolutions will have numerous blocks. In some cases, the video experience at 144p may become to the point where you cannot recognize any of the characters or objects that appear in the video.

Imagine if your mobile application has low-quality explanations or walkthroughs, and your prospective customer downloads it to see a glimpse of your product or service. Based on the experience they have had do you think they’ll ever be inclined to work with your company? Also, in the other words, would they ever be tempted to put their hard-earned cash into your services or products? We hope you got our point.

Let’s now look at the various MOS scores as well as the significance for each one in the subsequent portion in this piece.

What’s the difference between MOS Scores and what are they?

The MOS score of the top companies for testing apps is ranging from 0 to 4 with 0 representing “inferior” performance, while “4” is an indication of the highest level of excellence.

Score range:

  1. “0” Very poor or that it is difficult to communicate.
  2. “1” – is not very clear or almost impossible to convey
  3. “2” is either fair or irritating
  4. “3” 3 “good” or clear with minor imperfections
  5. “4” is excellent or an experience that resembles an actual face-to-face interaction

Keep in mind that it is helpful to remember how the score of MOS may not be always a complete number. For instance, a number that ranges from 3.0 to 3.5 is a complete satisfaction and a score below 2.5 is considered unacceptable by many users.

What are the reasons to engage an company that offers video MOS score testing firm?

Because poor quality videos could negatively impact the experience of viewers or even that potential customers may not want to interact with your mobile app and purchasing the products and services you offer. This is why it’s essential to choose a reputable digital experience testing firm located in the US. They assess your video’s MOS score by evaluating the performance of your video on real devices and under real-world network conditions. This ensures a better mobile video experience for potential viewers and makes them feel awed every time they see it.

A final note!

We hope that you have learned a lot of things from this article, such as the MOS definition, the significance of various MOS values and the need to partner with an agency that tests media experiences. If your mobile application also includes videos and you’d like to evaluate the user experience, get in touch with an innovative digital experience testing company today.

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