What’s spy software? Most computers now of days come equipped with some sort of junk software that tries to keep your personal computer safe from viruses or whatever might want to creep on your computer. The truth is these software’s are low end, items of junk that actually must be tossed. What should I actually do to help keep my computer safe, and protected? Well the program isn’t the flaw, it’s the type of spy software that the purchase. Purchasing the proper software is just a big decision, and must certanly be done right. It could potentially protect you from losing credit card information as well as your identity.

So what’s a great spy software you ask? Below I’ll list the utmost effective 5 softwares available in the marketplace today¬†track phone location. Each and every software has it’s pros and cons. We will start at the top with number one being the very best and five being the worst.

1. SpyAgent:
Spy Agent is just a full featured PC and Internet activity monitoring software that enables you to record everything on your PC. This system is very stealth and packs a huge punch.

2. RealtimeSpy:
This software has more features than any remote software product we’ve reviewed and is strongly recommended. Realtime spy offers the very best remote monitoring solutions.

3. SpyAnywhere:
SpyAnywhere provides the ability to remotely control computers with SpyAnywhere installed all from your preferred internet browser! This remote monitoring tool is very good for PC users.

4. Keystroke Spy:
Keystroke Spy is a cost effective monitoring solution that lets you easily and efficiently log what your personal computer users are doing. This is an affordable yet powerful tool for home users.

5. Sentry PC:
Sentry PC is the right choice for parental control and monitoring of your child’s activities. The software enables you to restrict access, filter and monitor your children’s activity.

If you’re to choose a criminal software, I would recommend choosing one of these. They’re all great in quality, and price as well. I’m that each household should have some type of spy software installed on all computers, especially with internet access.

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