If you prefer watching soccer games on screen you will want to venture out and try to discover the feeling and learn how to play soccer with friends. Know what it feels prefer to kick and sweat. Well, if you’d prefer to learn how to play soccer beyond the game’s rules and just do mere kicking, heading and running, it’s as much as you. Somehow, it would be better to own even only a small overview with the basic rules referred since the “Laws of the Game” if you wish to have at the least a likely feeling of playing real soccer.

The overall game is used one soccer ball played by two teams each comprised with 11 players. In order to win, your team needs to score more goals by obtaining the ball ทีเด็ดบอล วันนี้ to the opponent’s goal. You really have to know that using other parts of your system besides feet to go the ball around is allowed but a big NO for touching the ball utilizing your hands and arms but with exceptions for the target keepers and building a throw-in restart and here is the game’s primary rule. In the event that you chose to play football more seriously, you need to be guided with the terms utilized in the game, the format, fouls, techniques and others.

While playing real soccer, it would be really rewarding to feel the extreme action and fun whilst not losing your monitoring of the ball. Create a goal and don’t let the game end as draw. Play football good, kick and enjoy.

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