DGT Test in English​The General Directorate of Traffic(DGT) is the body in control of issuing driving licenses and permits in the Spanish State. The DGT goal is to ensure drivers have the required skills to work vehicles with the smallest amount of possible risk. There is a chance to take the DGT test in English.

DGT makes sure, by taking exams, that you’ve the skills, knowledge and capabilities necessary to operate a vehicle the automobile in question.

You will find different varieties of permits and licenses with respect to the category and the automobile you need to operate a vehicle: mopeds, motorcycles, cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles … each of them requires specific tests

To acquire a fresh spanish drivers license permit, you have to request to take the theoretical and practical driving tests. Although the typical thing is that you prepare for the exam in a driving school, you may also submit your application in your own Spanish Driving Test in English. After you have passed the aptitude tests, you’ll obtain your driving license. Through the preparation and presentation of the tests to acquire your driving license, you’ve at your disposal several procedures that may be beneficial to you.

The moment you approve, DGT will give you a provisional driving license, with which you can drive while the ultimate license arrives at your home. For this it is very important to always keep your address updated in Traffic. You can verify and change it out yourself online.
Spanish Driving Licence RequirementsTo obtain a Spanish driving licence or permit, you have to meet these requirements:

Reside in Spain. If you are a foreign student not owned by the European Union, you have to demonstrate that you are in this circumstance for the very least continuous amount of six months. If you participate in an associate state of the European Union, the Economic Area or there’s a bilateral agreement between Spain and your country, and you’ve a driving license, you do not need to acquire a fresh one, you are able to exchange the one you already need certainly to a spanish driving license.

– Not be deprived by judicial resolution of the best to operate a vehicle motor vehicles and mopeds, nor be susceptible to suspension or administrative intervention.

– Gather the psychophysical skills required in terms of the sort of license you’re applying for. However, you may also get a particular license or permit when you yourself have a disability.

– Be of age needed for each permit or license. It is possible to acquire type C, C + E, D1, D1 + E, D and D + E driving licenses, at a lesser age than that established in a common way if the interested party has:

1. Driver qualification card.

2. Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP) or, failing that, the title of the training course or a certificate from the training center where the original qualification modality is indicated: ordinary or accelerated.

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