You will find dozens, if not thousands, of films about Greece. In this information I have involved around 30 shows about ancient Greece, modern greek movies humor films and contemporary Greek cinema.

Shows in Greece
The initial films made in Greece seemed initially of the 20th century and were recorded by local directors. The industry actually acquired after WWII, in the 1950s and 1960s. This was also when foreign administrators discovered our country.

Shows Athens Greece – The Acropolis

You will probably have heard about particular films emerge Greece which were recorded here. But, different films situated in Greece have actually been made elsewhere. Including some hit films about Old Greece.

Greece films that make an effort to interest global audiences are often recorded in English. But, a some of the films mentioned in this information have been in Greek, with English subtitles.

Let us always check some of the finest films on Greece! A number of the pictures have now been extracted from and pixabay.

Child on a dolphin (1957)
“Child on a dolphin” is the very first National movie ever recorded in Greece. It’s no exaggeration to say this movie actually put Greece on the tourist map.

It describes the history of a new Greek girl who sees an old statue while diving in the sea. The key celebrity is Sophia Loren, who was greeted by enormous crowds when she first collection base in Greece. It seems that her acceptance increased further after her famous moist dress scene.

Sophia Loren Shows about Greece

Child on a Dolphin was recorded in a number of adjustments on the Greek islands, including Hydra, Poros, Mykonos and Delos. There are several interesting views inside the National Archaeological Museum and on the Acropolis!

View the Child on a dolphin 1957 full movie on YouTube

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Never on Saturday (1960)
Still another previous Greek movie, “Never on Sunday” describes a enjoy history between an National intellectual and a Greek prostitute. Prepared and focused by Jules Dassin, this movie features the currently established actress Melina Mercouri. The pair got committed in 1966, and Mercouri offered as Greece’s minister of culture and sports in the 1980s and 1990s. That is her image in the Acropolis metro station.

Never on Saturday is one of the very most famous Greek romance films ever made. It absolutely was recorded in Athens and Piraeus, and it’s shocking to see simply how much our town has changed in only 60 decades!

The full movie can be obtained on YouTube

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Zorba the Greek (1964)
In this classic, Oscar-winning Greek movie, director Jordan Kakoyannis captured superbly the quality of what it methods to be Greek.

Zorba the Greek describes the friendship that develops between a new English person and a passionate, middle-aged Greek man. It is an interesting comparison of cultures and living sides and is now an all-time classic.

Greek films – Zorba the Greek

The movie is based on the book “Life and Situations of Alexis Zorbas”, published by our prominent author Konstantinos Kazantzakis. Subsequently, the book is dependant on a real-life character whose name was George Zorbas.

Anthony Quinn, who’s Mexican-American, delivers an excellent performance. His syrtaki party has been eternally linked to Greece from the time! Irene Papas can be astonishing in her role, reminding people of a Greek tragedy.

Zorba the Greek was recorded in Crete, our biggest island. Actually nowadays, you could understand a number of the crazy landscapes.

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