Silicon (chemical symbol Si) is the key elementary element of the earth’s crust after Oxygen. Si is universally acknowledged because the symbol for Silicon; it is truly a nonmetallic, tetravalent element with atomic number 14 and atomic mass being 28.086. It’s grey in color and brittle. It’s commonly found in various compounds within nature and industry. In nature, it is found in flint, quartz, agate, common beach sand, jasper, sandstone and plenty of other common rocks. Industrially, it can be found in building materials like cement, glass, brick and others. It’s part of many polymers like silicon rubber. It’s tens of thousands of other uses in addition to heat resisting resins, lubricants, water-resistant films etc.

Silicon finds its way most commonly in electronic equipments. Solar panels have photovoltaic sheets made from thin silicon wafers. Electrical circuitry including computer chips; microprocessors, transistors all have silicon as a foundation acessorie ikea antilop. LCD televisions, in addition to computer screens, are consists of thin strips of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (an alloy).

Construction materials

Silicon is employed widely in building materials. Clay, brick, concrete, sand and cement have silicon dioxide as a component. Fine piece of glass is combined between two thick parts of silicon dioxide to produce the windshields of cars.

Automotive parts

The automotive industry uses silicon as a casting material. Aluminum silicon alloy is combined with liquid iron to be casted in parts of car for a tougher body. This reduces the production of iron carbide which can be weak and brittle and can compromise the solidarity of car body parts.

Silicon uses

Silicon becomes a polymer mixture with oxygen and carbon and then lends a variety of uses to different applications as this mixture becomes malleable, flexible and water proof. These properties become very helpful in making silicon a versatile material when found in wax, caulk, grease and even certain explosives requiring putty packaging. Plastic surgery saw its upgrading with silicon for implants injected into different areas of the body to make it attractive. The reason why silicone implants are preferred is that it becomes supple with a formed shape appearing natural underneath the skin.

Silicon benefits for your body

It’s amazing to understand that silicon is very important to make nervous cells and body tissues function properly. It synthesizes vitamin B1 and thiamine present in the human body. Nervous impulses are transmitted and bones are strengthened by body silicon. Not only internally but externally also silicon makes its presence felt through the growth of teeth, nails and hair – hence it’s referred to as the ‘beauty mineral’ ;.Eye brightness and skin firmness are additional benefits. Healing processes and body immunity system is guarded with body silicon thus preventing diseases like tuberculosis, mucous membrane irritation, and skin infections.

Food resources

When you have become totally interested in silicon body benefits then choose apples, nuts, raw cabbage, carrots, red beets, celery, fish, honey, orange and corn in your diet through the entire year.

Toy products

All previously listed uses seemed for grown up men and women to know, but silicon is employed for children’s toys as well. Silicon mixtures with small level of boric acid can be formed into different shapes and then cast into toys. Silly Putty, Gumby dolls, bouncing and stress balls all have silicon as their ingredient.

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