Explore Lille’s exuberant Flemish Baroque buildings and grand cobblestoned squares on this free, self-guided walking tour.

I’ll level with you; I never designed to spend one day in Lille.

My master plan was to bag a low priced Eurostar ticket from London to Lille – only 90 minutes’journey from London St. Pancras International – and utilize the city as a base to stroll across the canals of Ghent and to visit among Europe’s biggest Christmas markets in Arras Visit https://wikitravel.org/en/Lille for travsel info about lille.

However, France’s transport workers had other ideas.

On the day of my arrival, the united states was in the vice-like grip of a national strike – La Grève Générale – in protest of President Macron’s proposed sweeping reforms of the French pension system. Transport workers were peeved at the prospect of getting to forfeit their special pension status and it showed.

With 90% of France’s trains not going anywhere, Arras and Ghent were off the travel itinerary.

But every cloud includes a silver lining and, instead, I was able to take more time in Lille than anticipated. Picture large cobblestoned squares lined with outrageously extravagant Flemish Baroque buildings and you’ve the measure of the place.

Discover ways to explore Lille in one day on this free self-guided walking tour.

Video: The very best things to accomplish on each day trip to Lille
But when you dive into this information, here is a video of the greatest bits of Lille that I have come up with to whet your appetite: Visit https://www.tripindicator.com/best-cruise-boat-tours-lille.html for travsel info about lille

Where is Lille?
Lille is in Northern France, near the Belgian border and around 140 miles from Paris. It is the so-called capital of French Flanders and Flemish influences are evident throughout the city, from its architecture to its food,

Getting around Lille
As most of Lille’s highlights are close to one another, the town lends itself beautifully to a self-guided walking tour

But if you are feeling weary, Lille posseses an excellent bus, tram and metro network. A 24-hour travel pass costs €4.90; single tickets are €1.65.

Public transport is included in the Lille City Pass, which also incorporates free use of attractions and a choice of discounts and special offers. This can be obtained for 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours, costing from €25 (discount available when purchasing online).

Unlimited travel SNCF TER network (regional express trains) throughout Nord-Pas de Calais for a period of 24 consecutive hours is included in the 72 hours Lille City pass.

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