With the New Year on the roll, the board examinations may also be knocking at the door! For students, performing well in these examinations could be either a tense episode or it may be converted into a thrilling challenging option where one’s performance grows from strength to strength.

1. Undivided attention & Laser Sharp Focus – To be able to concentrate, one needs to be at peace and silence is required. Hence, the starting point is removal of distractions and disturbances. Therefore the student needs to condition or train one’s mind to get accustomed to that particular setting (the study room) which will be conducive towards effective studying neco runs. Once your brain is comfortable, it becomes receptive towards the research material and it’s possible to grasp more quickly. This enables the student to focus more concretely and be objective concerning the approach with a definite mind.

2. Planning & Proper Strategy – A plan or a basic template is needed to map out the road to performing well. The student needs to visualize where he want to see himself in the board examinations. With that destination set he is able to trace his path backwards to today’s moment and chart out his strategy. Being clear in one’s mind about knowing what to achieve is very important but what makes most of the difference in a successful translation of the vision into the truth is knowing how exactly to go about achieving it. Thus, knowing how to achieve it or the road is imperative!

3. Appraisal – Gathering all Materials – Once the program has been decided, and prior to the student gets right down to studying, one should have all the research materials at hand. It is very important to help keep most of the books, pens, pencils and erasers handy. This is essential to avoid any kind of disturbance or interruption throughout the flow of study. Interruptions like getting up to drink water or answering the telephone would spoil the momentum of the preparation.

4. Execution – Execution could be the implementation of the program to the hilt. This is the make or break situation. Based on the strategy and with an intensive preparation that involves thorough understanding of the subjects, it’s possible to improve one’s performance in leaps and bounds. You will find guide books available and question banks online as well. With the help of these, students can fine tune their performance and score well.

5. Monitoring – Once the execution is performed throughout the preparation phase, students have to monitor how well are they performing. By focusing on model test papers, they could analyze for themselves, how well they are performing and areas where they are faltering. Subsequently they could focus on those weak areas and enhance their performance.

These days, it’s possible to buy textbooks online depending from which board they belong – ICSE, CBSE or WBBSE. Hence, as students no more have to venture out of the preparation zone, online school books, test papers, guide books and question banks can all be ordered from home and delivered at the doorstep as well.

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