Promoting physical activity involves replacing sedentary time spent watching television and playing computer games with physical activities fun for adults and children. Adults should be role models promoting active lifestyles with opportunities for increased physical activity. All children, regardless of the agility level or overweight condition, take advantage of physical and psychological advantages of physical activity. Physicians and health specialists recommend at the least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activities everyday. The 30-minute period might be accomplished in two 15-minute periods or three 10 minute periods each day.

Suggested indoor kids’activities during winter could be arranged at an area indoor swimming pool, a park recreation room, or in your living room children holiday camps. Activities range between children’s swimming lessons, skill toss, and blind man’s bluff. The less time spent in in sedentary mode, the greater health all will enjoy. Its a matter of planning and sticking to it to enhance well-being and physical fitness.

Family games could be organized in a snap with little preparation. An easy blindfold can transform a kid to the Mayflower and the residual contestants “rocks” the ship must traverse to get to the shore. The exact same blindfold covers a contestant’s eyes because they try to pin a nose on a clown face or place a soccer through the finish zone uprights. Checkers, marbles, or bean bags flipped, tossed, or rolled right into a target can lead to hours of fun for kids of all ages and skill levels. “Mother May I?” and “Green Light, Red Light” offer skill training in listening and performance, plus good sportsmanship.

Plan ahead with alternative activities to TV or video/computer games. Board games, target shooting, puzzles, and model building are a lot better than sitting dazed in front of the tube. Limit TV and computer time with scheduled use. Look at TV guide instead of surfing channels. Whenever a show is finished, turn fully off the TV, do not watch the following program unless it was planned.

Be active with the children by showing them how to do an activity. Play using them to construct skill and endurance.

The simplest way to influence anyone, especially children, is by example. If you plan and encourage physical kids’activities, you and your household will reap the rewards now and as time goes by with better health and well-being.

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